What is the Future of Daily Fantasy eSports?

We recently asked DFS experts, The Daily Audible to share some thoughts with us on the future of daily fantasy eSports. Here is a brief synopsis of the Q&A we had with Chris Lollis, the lead researcher and author at Hello Rookie as well as the host of the Hello … Read the rest

Are Battle Royale Games the Future of eSports?

Given the ridiculous popularity games like Fortnite and PUBG have enjoyed over the past year, perhaps a better question is if their is a path forward in eSports that doesn’t revolve around Battle Royale. Furthermore, with so much luck and happenstance involved with these formats, is professional battle royale even … Read the rest

Most Watched Games on Twitch for August 2018

We are roughly half way through the month of August, and here is a preview of how this month is shaking out in terms of viewership on Twitch. Let’s first get the numbers out there and then go over some noteworthy changes.

Game Avg Viewers
Fortnite 179,000
World of
Read the rest

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