Pro Gaming and the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs

Most major sports have drug testing procedures to detect illegal use of drugs. And we all know of the effects of performance enhancing drugs on sports in general. From Stimulants such as Benzedrine (Speed), to Anabolic Steroids, even Blood Doping, uses of these types of methods have plagued modern day sports. So when reports that pro-gaming has gamers using performance enhancing drugs during matches hit the net, one wonders whether if it’s a serious issue, or something we should ignore.

A recent report from pro-marijuana magazine Culture says that marijuana use amongst gamers, especially pro-gamers, leads to better enhanced playing abilities from those gamers who swear by it. The article talks in depth about how scientific studies indicate that marijuana can help in cases of gaming. As for use in pro gaming, the magazine has taken a quote from a past interview with Alex Walker, the Australian World Cyber Games tournament director:

I’ve seen a number of players at national tournaments who came in ‘baked’ purely so they could play better,”

A shocking revelation, but as stated earlier, it is to be expected from a competitive sport like Professional Gaming/eSports. Whether using performance enhancing drugs or even using cheating hacks and trainers to become the best, to have an edge over your opponents through any means necessary is a par for the course in something as competitive as pro-gaming. There have even been rumors of certain other gamers who take amphetamines, uppers/stimulants, and various “other” medications; specifically mentioned is Adderall (for ADD/ADHD) in purely recreational purposes increase attention, a benefit that helps when gaming. So some have asked “What are organizations doing to combat the growing problem of pro gamers gaining advantage by taking uppers or hitting the bong prior to fragging?”. In response to that, Mr. Walker stated:

Gamers can take all the drugs they like, as long as it’s not happening in the actual tournament area. Nobody has the budget to bring in any form of anti-doping agency, let alone keep it afloat or professional enough to adhere to standards that would make it reliable. The scene isn’t big enough or stable enough for any world agency to enforce it right now, let alone stop gamers from taking drugs.

Should competitive pro-gaming have rules and regulations to curb drug use in competitions?

Though most organizations can’t enforce an anti-drug policy (due to budget or scene issues), the issue still should be on the minds of those running the organizations, an issue that needs all eyes upon it, for the benefit of the future Pro-Gaming scene.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would explain why there are some freaks online that literally make no mistakes, even after hours and hours of heavy gaming. Granted, there are some people that are just good; But not making even a single mistake after playing them for that long, one must wonder how they’re capable of not getting even a hint of fatigue.

  2. As with any other field of endeavor, the dark side exist. lolz!

    I doubt there are that many though in pro-gaming. After all, this industry isn’t run by thugs from the streets but geeks!

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