QuakeCon 2011 Results and Wrap-up


After 4 days of gaming, announcements and game updates as well as crazy game promotions and giveaways from all the software and hardware companies in attendance, the dust has settled leaving 1 lucky attendee with the monstrous Ford F-150 Raptor SVT customized and at least $42,000 in tournament prizes!

The lucky ticket that got the F-150 Raptor was bought on one of QuakeCon’s charity events proving the old adage that says, “What comes around, goes around”. So, the next time you hear about a charity event, don’t hesitate to give it some time.

QuakeCon 2011 1v1 Results

Quake’s 1v1 tournament favorite, SK-rapha, didn’t disappoint after being able to come on top of everyone including a no questions ask 3-:1 win against Strenx of France.  Although his $8,000.00 pot many isn’t going to be enough to get him the SVT F-150 raptor, it’s no loose change either.

Kévin “fnatic.strenx” Baéza on the other hand was lucky enough to have been able to attend the tournament after having faced a lot of issues on the subject of coming to the event. All his hard work though paved off and he is now $4,000.00 richer.

Even more interesting is Russian Anton “[M5]Cooller” Singov’s come back win to take on the bronze against Paul “EG.czm” Nelson of the USA who somehow manage to lose regardless of his 2:0 lead in every map. The final result was 3-2 in favor of the Russian who got to take home $2,000 for his efforts.

On a side note, last year’s champion Alexey “Cypher” Yanushevsky of Belarus surprisingly got eliminated on the first round of the tournament. He was defeated by Sc00t of France and ziel of the USA.

QuakeCon 2011 4v4 Team Death Match Results

On the 4v4 TDM side of things, Salivating Monstahz came on top of everyone and of course taking home the $16,000.00 prize money! Krysa, noctis, avekkk, and spart1e are now $4,000.00 richer after winning against 4 enemies – I seriously can’t believe there were only these few who participated for such a hefty sum.

iCE cLIMBERS, comprised of Stermy, fox, l1nkin, and tox took the silver and $8,000 while the BallerSsS got bronze along with the $4,000 that came with it. The latter was manned by strenx, draven, Cypher, and guess who? Cooller! That’s right, Cooller got a couple of bronze medals and a total of $3,000 in QuakeCon 2011 alone!

Other QuakeCon 2011 Notables

Besides all the general fun atmosphere, the freebies here and there, the eye candies from the booth babes, the hardwares, and the softwares, it’s well worth mentioning that this year’s QuakeCon has evolved into BYOC lan party not only for Quakeheads, but for gamers in general – regardless of age with many participants made up of families playing their favorite games together.

No question about it, the variety of games being played throughout the event was astonishing. From consoles to PC, you name it, there’s someone playing it on the venue. League of Legends (LoL) for one is probably the most played game.

Next stop for pro-gaming, Cologny Germany come August 17-21!

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