Meet Linda Liao, Razer’s top female Starcraft II® star

Linda Liao‘Pikachu’ to endorse Razer Starcraft II® line of gaming peripherals

Linda Liao (Liao Pei Ling, 廖珮伶) is currently one of the most exciting female StarCraft 2 pro-gamers to watch. She currently lives in Taipei City, Taiwan. After besting 31 other female pro players in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Starcraft II® female championship in late 2010, Linda Liao’s entry into Razer’s stable of sponsored pro superstars was announced by Razer early this year. Linda is one of the most famous female #1-ranking Diamond Stacraft 2 pro-gamers in Asia today.

Linda’s rise to the top of the Starcraft II®  female pro-gaming scene is nothing but meteoric—she just started playing StarCraft II® early 2010 yet she already logged over 800 ladder matches and a steadily increasing APM (averaging 220 at this writing) while displaying an extraordinary mastery of the Protoss race and an unusually deep understanding of the game. She bagged the ESL StarCraft® II female pro-gamer championship before the year was out.

Admittedly, Liao has been passionately playing first person shooter and real time strategy games since her childhood—Doom 2, Warcraft 2, StarCraft Brood War—a passion that brought her the StarCraft® II championship. “I love gaming and I want to be good at it. I realized that gaming was not just a part of my life, it was a part of what I really wanted to achieve in,” she said.

Linda Liao, aka “Pikachu”  will be joining the likes of the “Terran Emperor”, South Korean Lim Yo-Hwan aka “SlayerS_Boxer”—the most famous Starcraft player of all time—who has also joined Team Razer this year.

Team Razer is actually a lineup of individuals and pro-gaming teams Razer sponsors to showcase the capabilities of Razer’s specially designed lines of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. In this case, Liao will promote StarCraft II® mice, keyboards and headsets.

Liao’s fame as an established celebrity model, actress and singer in her own right, brings a distinct prestige to Razer’s StarCraft II® product line. Expect to see more of her featuring the StarCraft II® ‘Spectre™’ gaming mouse, ‘Marauder™’ keyboard, and ‘Banshee™’ headset in the future.

Currently, Linda aims to take advantage or her new partnership with Razer to improve her rank and her game—further honing her diamond edge through more battles, victories and championships under the Razer aegis. ‘Lei Ping’—Linda’s name in Chinese—means ‘clever girdle ornament’ but she has proved that she is not just an ornament but a razor-sharp pro-gaming weapon. With her passion and dedication to her craft, she could yet achieve a lasting legacy for female pro-gamers around the world on her way to becoming a StarCraft legend.

For the meantime, enjoy these hot images of Linda “Pikachu” Liao!

Linda LiaoLinda Liao Headset

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  1. Although this chick is probably not going to get close to the skill level of say, Aphtrodite, I have to admit, she is probably one of the hottest out there! Or is that ToSsgirl’s SC2 form?

  2. are you serious?! Pikachu will beat the crap out Aphrodite anytime with her “lightning” attack!

  3. all i can say is, she’s not as hot without make-up!

  4. so many views but so few comments? nobody wants to share their thoughts on pikachu ai? well I for one things she’s worth razer’s marketing investment! want to see her play against Eve or Miss! even Flo! and… maybe on the beach? on wet shirts? sorry too much dreaming over here!


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