BioWare’s “Mass Effect Ending Issue”

BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 recently led slews of comments and reactions from fans.

Though no specific mudslinging or commentaries have been thrown towards the game’s gameplay variables or game in-game features, the game’s ending is what many are not all that happy about, with protests telling BioWare to do a redo of the game’s ending.

The subject isn’t really what one can describe as new or a first in gaming history, but the activities and follow ups do bear a message coming from fans; we are serious. Do a retake of Mass Effect 3’s ending.

A “Retake Mass Effect” petition is one example, which was initiated by fans and has recently donated more than $67,000 to the Child’s Play charity. The act was done in the hopes of getting BioWare’s attention in redoing the third Mass Effect’s ending to more satisfying undertones.

So far, BioWare’s stance is: “We are actively and seriously taking all player feedback into consideration and have ruled nothing out. At this time we are still collecting and considering your feedback and have not made a decision regarding requests to change the ending.”

BioWare was founded in 1995 in Canada, currently owned by the USA-based Electronic Arts (EA Games). It is one of the longest running known game developer names, with game titles including Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

The Mass Effect trilogy is a series of sci-fi oriented action RPG games with the first Mass Effect coming out in 2007. Its popularity has led to spin offs, including Mass Effect paperbacks and comic books, with announced plans of film adaptation releases to be made.

The latest Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3, was released on March 6 this year, and so far, its ending has put a lot of attention towards the game and on BioWare.

Have you tried playing Mass Effect 3? Is the ending really that bad?


    Here are two links that might provide some clarity to the situation, there are relatively long, so only watch if you have time.

  2. Some Bioware writer made a post at Penny Arcade (now said to be the result of hacking or something) described the new lead writer and the director locking themselves in a room and writing the ending in isolation. Unlike every other scene in the game there was no peer-review.

    Which is why the last 15 min. are so jarring. Plot holes, gibberish, and none of the vastly different endings promised. A thirteen-year-old’s attempt at the ending of 2001 or The Fountain or the Matrix 3.

    The trilogy is 99.99% gold and the last 0.01% is such ridiculousness that it sours the whole game. For those who care about narrative, that is. Plenty are happy to just wank over guns and multiplayer, which is cool.

  3. Ziggy > thanks for this! they sure are lengthy but are worth it to clear things up!

    Great points and definitely worth knowing on the subject. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a link or source for this?

  4. Buy-o-ware says:

    Yes it’s THAT bad. Basically imagine if in the end of Harry Potter, an angel suddenly appears (don’t ask where it came from because the book won’t tell you) and gives Harry Potter three choices. Kill Voldemort, become Voldemort, or give every human being the gift of magic. When the angel moves waves her wand, the colors are colored red, green, or blue, depending on what Harry chooses.

    Now the angel also cautions Harry that this magic is very powerful, and a side effect is that once he chooses, all the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere will disappear. And no, he can’t NOT choose, you must choose one.

    So he goes with the ending you think is best. He gives magic to everyone so Voldemort doesn’t have to hunt muggles anymore, as basically there will be no more muggles. But lo and behold, even as the dawn of a new magical era begun, it dies immediately as everyone dies horribly from asphyxiation. But you realize that the other two choices also end the same way. They all result in the death of everyone on the planet.

    And as you resigned yourself to a grisly ending, the book suddenly shifts to an epilogue about a NASA shuttle furiously running away from the sparkles of the angel’s magic. Then it crashlands into Mars and out comes two suited figures. You find out that its Ron and Hermione and they survived the global choking. But wait wait! Weren’t they standing beside Harry when he made that wish? You flip the pages back and yes, you confirm it. Ron and Hermione were two feet from Harry when the angel made Harry choose. So how the heck did they end up on Mars?!

    But right then the book comes up with the magical words: “The End”

    Imagine how you would feel about the series then. You probably would have wished you’d never read the first book in the first place.

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