PS4 to come out 2013, Fall – Rumor has it

As Nintendo’s Wii U remained to be the “heavyweight” console which decided to show up in this year’s E3, the question over when the next PlayStation is slated to come out has been more and more asked, given the console series’ status as one of the top consoles in the market today.

Heavily anticipated by hardcore gamers, reports hailing from The Wall Street Journal tell about a rumored release date for the next PlayStation, already dubbed as the “PlayStation 4”.

“The Japanese electronics maker’s flirtation with dropping the optical drive underscores the rising importance of online networks in the videogame industry, which allow console users to download games, television shows and music without the need for disks or cartridges.

Sony is planning a 2013 release for the successor to its PlayStation 3 console, people familiar with the matter said.” to quote the report.

It has to be said that Sony has yet to confirm or deny what the report had noted, leaving the planned 2013 release of the next PlayStation as another rumor, one which is to be filed with other ongoing rumors circulating in cyberspace.

Though in retrospect, if the abovementioned report actually speaks for the next PlayStation, the fact that it won’t come with an optical reader says a lot about Sony’s stance in the release and distribution of future game titles.

We’ve touched up about how the gaming community, in general, has felt the inadequacy of the industry’s key proponents, in operating on a newer, more realistic sale and distribution business models when talking about game title releases.

Think Sony’s finally going to do away with the “old-school, premium product” mode of sale platform it has been working on all these years?

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