Valve Coming Out With DOTA 2, Set To Be Released In 2011

Valva-Dota 2 Logo

It’s confirmed. Valve, the company that brought you the Half Life series, Team Fortress and the Left 4 Dead series is set to release DOTA 2 next year, and they’ve got no less than IceFrog, the mod’s current author, at the helm of the game’s development.

Released as a commercial sequel to the massively popular WarCraft III mod, DOTA 2 is promised to have the same core gameplay that made its predecessor so successful, especially in the professional gaming circuit. This time however, DOTA 2 will also come with new enhancements thanks to Valve’s involvement, including AI taking over inactive/disconnected players, a new coaching system and more.

We’re sure the news of Valve releasing a DOTA sequel has ruffled the feathers of companies that have developed games inspired by the DOTA template (if you can call it that). League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth have both been successful in their own right, but DOTA 2 could easily change all that.

What’s interesting to note is that Blizzard has so far not made any official comments on the update. The company may not own the DOTA name, but it technically still has the rights to the character names (at least most of them anyway), sounds and other creative aspects of the mod, which means that, yes, they have reason to sue if they wanted to.

To be honest, we’re happy campers. We love Valve, and the games they’ve developed have come out solid most of the time–this one just might be another attraction at pro gaming tournaments. No previews of the gameplay or anything though, but I will say this, the released character art is enough to get any fan excited for DOTA 2. Check them out below.

Dota 2 Morphling Image

Dota 2 Lina Inverse Image

Dota 2 BloodSeeker Image

Dota2 Drow Ranger Image


  1. thAnkgOdlIkE says:

    This I have got to see for myself?! Thanks for the great images! Any link to the official site perhaps?

  2. Totally something to look forward to! The images are no doubt to die for!

  3. Wtfkeith11 says:

    what month ? possibly released dota 2 ?


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