Crucial’s m4 mSATA SSD


The power of solid state drives isn’t really all that big a secret, designed to efficiently facilitate the processing and accessing of data in lightning quick speeds. The perfect solution for professional gamers who know how crucial fast … [Read more...]

Cheating – A “Feature” in the Re-release of Final Fantasy VII

Final-Fantasy VII

Square Enix has long been established as one of the biggest game developers in the world, with the Final Fantasy franchise being its titular game title. Recently, Square Enix had announced its plans to launch a “new” game title, one which first … [Read more...]

Update on Final Fantasy XIV to-be featured at E3


As the anticipated E3 is well on its way this June, talk over which game developers and titles participating in the event is the subject of a lot of forum sites and industry announcements and features. Square Enix’s update, dubbed to be a “major … [Read more...]

Nintendo’s Plan on Selling Games via digital means over Packaged Goods


Nintendo recently announced its intentions on focusing on the sale of its games via digital means, as opposed to the traditional “packaged goods” convention. Revealed to have recently posted an annual loss close to $534 million, the videogame … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Indie?


The conditions and situations which brought the alternative genre of music to mainstream standards isn’t lost on music fans from all over the world. Recent events in the gaming arena promise to have a similar setup on the works, with the apparent … [Read more...]

DOTA 2 To Have LAN Support, More Tournaments Incoming


Good news for all you DOTA fanatics. Erik Johnson, the project manager at Valve Corporation, has revealed to PC Gamer that DOTA 2 will have the much needed LAN support that every pro-gamer needs. For those that don't know, LAN (or Local Area … [Read more...]

No DOTA 2 Beta? Here is some awesome DOTA 2 fanart to confort you!


Yes, I'm still waiting for when Valve invites me to the Beta (which will probably be never, since tons of other people are playing right now), but there is something that can tide pro-gamers (like me) whilst waiting for Valve to finally finish … [Read more...]