Park “JulyZerg” Sung-Joon

JulyZerg Park “JulyZerg” Sung- Joon, also known as “July”, is a professional Korean Stracraft 2 gamer. He started as a Stracraft 1 pro-gamer and has earned the nickname “Tushin” or “God of War” as he was one of the most famous Zerg players in the Stracraft 1 scene.

July started as a player for the team Pirates of Space. Even then, he has always been destined to be in the pro-gaming scene. Despite being a very talented and solid player, his gameplay wasn’t noticed until the Gillette OnGameNet Star League (OSL)tournament, where he won 3-2 against Oov in the semi-finals. He then moved forward to beat Reach, 3-1 in the finals making him a “Royal Roader”. Also, with this win, he became the first Zerg to have bagged the OSL.

He quickly became popular, winning another OSL (Ever 2), triumphing over a KT-KTF tournament, and then garnering an ITV league win. Shortly after, he made it into another OSL final in which he lost 3-0.

July became famous for his expertise in Mutalisk micro which became his game trademark.

In 2006, he was once again in the OSL finals where he was defeated 3-0 by his rival, Oov. After the said loss, JulyZerg lost his dominance and his pro-gaming career went into a slight slump.

Following a drought in his reputation and career, July re-emerged with vengeance as he beat Oov and Xellos in the Proleague finals in 2007. He also managed to reach another OSL final the same year.

On July 2008, JulyZerg won 3- 0 against BeSt, the new Protoss phenom, in 2008 EVER OSL. This victory was Park’s third OSL title which won him the prestigious Starcraft: Brood War Golden Mouse Award.

After that, July already planned his early retirement, but due to his father’s persistent nagging he started playing Starcraft 2 (SC 2). So, in September 2010, July left STX Soul team and shifted to Starcarft 2 as a member of STARTALE.

Asked about his reasons in moving to SC 2, July simply said that he wanted to be an active gamer as he got better on the said game.
Key professional gaming achievements and accolades:
• 2004 – Winner, Gillete Starleague
• 2004 – Runner-up, EVER Starleague
• 2005 – Winner, EVER Starleague
• 2008 – Winner, EVER Starleague
• 2011 – 4th place , Dreamhack Summer 2011
• 2011 – 1st place, Clash of the Houses: The Final Clash
• 2011 – 2nd place, Global Starcraft II League March

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