Seo “ToSsGirl” Ji Soo

Tossgirl If you think that professional gaming is an exclusive boys club, then it might be safe to assume that you haven’t heard of Seo Ji “ToSsGirl” Soo.

ToSsGirl is recognized as one of the few female faces in professional gaming with enough accolades and accomplishments in the game of Starcraft to stand with the best of her male counterparts. With the popularity of Starcraft reaching critical mass in South Korea by the end of the ‘90s, it was only a matter of time before young women began taking to the servers of to strut their stuff. However, it was ToSsGirl who was leading the charge.

ToSsGirl was introduced to Starcraft by her father in 1999, and at the time, had seen it as a great venue to compete with her sister who was then known as ZergGirl. But after realizing that her passion for Starcraft ran much deeper than friendly competition with her sister, ToSsGirl continued to hone her skills and eventually make it as a professional gamer.
As part of the growing number of female gamers in South Korea, ToSsGirl would eventually make waves in Ghem TV’s all female Starcraft League. Despite making the switch to play as Terran, ToSsGirl kept her name as she slowly, but surely, made a name for herself in the professional gaming scene. Now, ToSsGirl is also popularly known as the undisputed “Queen of the Terrans”.

After solidifying her reign as the top ranked female Starcraft player in the world, ToSsGirl has given the boys a run for their money by competing with them in open tournaments. Beating out top players such as GoRush, Modern, FreeMura and Max; ToSsGirl has proven that even the little girls can outplay the big boys.

ToSsGirl is still an active professional gamer residing in South Korea with her team, STX Soul.

Key professional gaming achievements and accolades:

  • 2009 – 3rd place, ESWC Asia Masters
  • 2005 –1st place, Ghem TV Female League
  • 2004 – 1st place, Ghem TV Female League
  • 2003 – 1st place, Ghem TV Female League