In 2008, the most popular casino game was slot machines. Over half of survey respondents said they preferred electronic gaming devices over other types of table games. Only a small proportion of gamblers preferred blackjack, a common table game. Poker, craps, and roulette came in third and fourth place, respectively. Aside from slot machines, other popular casino games include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. But even with the wide variety of games, casino goers still prefer slots and electronic gaming devices.

The term ‘casino’ originated from Italian and means ‘little house’. While its primary purpose is gambling, many casinos have restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment venues as well. Even some casinos have their own shows or music venues. In the early days, casino names only meant a place where one could spend a good time; nowadays, it’s a way of life for the rich and famous. The first casino opened in Baden, Switzerland, in 1765.

Although there is a positive impact on local employment, a casino may not lead to a significant decrease in unemployment in the surrounding area. Local officials should be aware that the work force for a casino will most likely be from outside the local area, so the potential for increased employment may be limited. However, the tax revenue from a casino is beneficial to the local economy. If this is the case, then the economic benefits may be worth it. The question then becomes: What about local unemployment rates? How does the casino affect them?