The latest launch of Xerjoff the Turin brand of niche fragrances

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Information about informal Romani settlements housing are not found in books or archives. They are found live, in settlements. The intent of this paper is to point out that they represent a world of signals that can be detected through the methodological tools of observation and discussion with residents; also and therefore, to create guidelines for operational tools useful for an aware and contemporary design in their advancement process. Explanations of these values are obtained once the focus of observation is passed from object to process, and the objects are perceived as products of processes. This is the only possible way of developing adequate principles of future architectural realizations in Romani settlements that would be innovative, but within the articulation system of the local community. The paper will present a case study of a Romani settlement with this methodological apparatus applied as well as its concept, all research steps and results accomplished by such procedure. Milena Grbic instigates that the tendency in accomplishing the right of housing for the Romani has mostly remained theoretical, since not a single analysis with that aim included life experiences and actual processes of Romani housing Grbic, Umberto Eco stated that one must pay attention to semantical values that spatial relations obtain in certain ethnological and social situations Eco, Having all this in mind brings up a thought which calls upon a real practice of housing and usage of space.

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The fascinating Egyptian civilization inherent in the city of Luxor has certainly inspired the creation of the new "Luxor" fragrances by Xerjoff, it contains the greatness of one of the most ancient civilization in the world. For Sergio Momo, founder of the brand of artistic fragrances Xerjoff, two are the key elements that have guided every move since the creation of his maison: the use of precious and high quality raw materials, and the excellence of Italian master craftsmen. His passion for these inalienable qualities is seen not only in the search for primary essences, but also in the way in which the perfumes of Xerjoff are presented, small masterpieces of olfactory art.

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